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Whether you travel around or stay at home: Making a difference starts with simple things from your own home.


In a busy, ever-growing world we are constantly exposed to overstimulation of information, material products and statuses. Mindfulness and sustainable living is not only a new trend and movement – it’s a fundamental shift from the outside to the inside. “Clean the house first, ” means to do the necessary steps to create a long-term sustainable lifestyle that does not only support your own wellbeing but also that of our environment. 

PRactice sustainability today

From the grocery store to your own kitchen: There are dozens of things you can do right now to bolster a more mindful and sustainable lifestyle. Find out today what you can do. 

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Kimify image representing sustainable living at home
Kimify image representing sustainable living at home

Why Mindfulness Matters

Ever wondered why you should care about practicing more mindfulness in your everyday life? Check out these points and take action today. 

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