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As one of the four Asian “Tiger States”, Singapore has always enjoyed an exlcusive, almost admirable views from countries all over the world. From the third to the first world, Singapore’s reputation as a global financial and technological hub, has been vested into the global stage for years. At the same time, its deep enriched, multicultural image of melting pot is almost unknown to most people.

The tiger-state has been enjoying an increasing interest from travellers form all over the world in recent years. And it’s time that the world uncovers its rich cultural diversity that transform this island to a place called “home” to many from the outside.

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West Coast & Sentosa

Apart from the busy Core Downtown and Orchard districts, which are at the heart of the city-state, Singapore’s West Coast offer a rarely calm and peaceful neighbourhood with modern HDB buildings (that is, public housing for locals), condominiuma and a number of outside attractions which allows both locals as visitors alike to escape from busy life. It largely consists of area of Queenstown but also parts of Bukit Purmei and Clementi. West Coast is also home of Singapore’s National University as well as a number of tech companies. Mount Faber and the Kent Ridge part are just two national parks that complement to the coast’s livelihood. See More Here: 

Harbourfront is the west coast’s junction for the Circle Line as well as North-South line, two of Singapore’s MRT lines. It is also the edge to the Sentosa Island. The fun island that offers a combination of fun attractions, such as the Universal Studio Singapore, the famous Palawan Beach and golf courses. Furthermore, travellers can find peaceful retreats that offer a stark contrast to what most people think as the futuristic, flawless and busy city. See More Here:

East Coast Road at Marine Parade


Marine Parade

As a buffer area between Core Downtown and Changi airport, Marine Parade has become a vivid residential area with its famous East Coast Park. Long walks bring locals to the Eastern Gardens by the Bay with a view to the iconic Marina Bay Sands and the Cloud Forest. The residential area of Katong offers a rich story tell about Singapore’s early beginnings. Marine Parade may be a convenient place to stay as it’s a short drive to the Changi airport as well as a short distance to Core Downtown. See More Here:

All-Day Eating

Wild Honey at Orchard Road

Singapore’s choice of food makes it almost impossible to pick up the (almost) perfect location and menu card. One of locations you shouldn’t miss out, if you are keen to having a cosy brunch, is Wild Honey. As a local business, they operate at Ochard Road, Scotts Square, and South Beach in Singapore. They just recently opened a new branch in Kuala Lumpur. From British breakfast to other European-styled breakfast and lunch: You can spend a relaxing morning at Wild Honey and emerge yourself in the nice interior before you embark your Singapore adventure.

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Food Court in Chinatown, Singapore

Lunch, Dinner

Chinatown Food Court

When it comes to exploring one of Singapore’s must-to-see locations, Chinatown is on everyone’s bucket list. However, most people dont know that Chinatown also offers some great locations to dine-in or for gettings a delicious, local dessert. We recommend, however, not to go to the usual touristic restaurants. If you alight at Chinatown MRT station, do not go straight. Instead, go to the back of the entrance and grab some local Mala Hotpot. You will not only enjoy authentic Chinese food but also save some money. See More here:

Chilli Crab is considered as one of Singapore's national dishes.


no signnboard seafood at Geylang

Singapore’s notion of being the melting pot is truly reflected in the local cuisine. Influences from across the region can be found in one place. But if there is truly one dish that can carry the heart of this nation, then it’s Chilli Crab. Along with Pepper Crab, it has found its place amongst one of the most delicious seafood dishes. No Signboard Seafood is a local cuisine that serves one of the most authentic crab menus along with side dishes, such as rice and vegetables on the table. See More here:

A hawker centre in Lavender
A hawker centre in Lavender (Credit: mailer_diablo / Wikimedia Commons)

all-day eating

local hawker centres

Singapore’s diverse cuisine is dominated by local hawker centres. As some locals may tell you, the vast majority of Singaporeans do eat in those local hawker centres. Hardly will anyone admit that locals would cook their own meals at home. You will get delicious menus for a few bucks already, from Laksa to Japanese Ramen and Indian Nasi Byrani.

One of the most famous hawker centres is Lau Pa Sat, located in Singapore’s Core Downtown. However, if you have any chance, we strongly recommend you to eat in other hawker centre’s across the island as Lau Pa Sat tends to charge above the average prices.

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Things to do

Fort Canning

Close to Singapore’s business district is one of the country’s most important sites, speaking from a historical perspective. Fort Canning used to be a military base for the British and it even beyond the events of the 20th century, it has a long history to tell. Hotels, gardens and music shows regularly invite both local Singaporeans as well as travellers to explore this place in its entirety.

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Things to do

HSBC Tree Top Walk

There is a reason why Singapore is also called the “Future Green City.” Apart from the world’s famous Gardens By The Bay, Singapore offers a wide range of green touristic activities. Amongst sportive activities is a hiking walk at the Central Water Catchment. Make sure you bring lots of water in order to enjoy beautiful views and enjoy yourself in the silence and calmness in a city that is most popular for being hectic and busy.

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Singapore's Haw Par Villa

Things to do

Haw par villa

When you walk around the West Coast area, you shouldn’t skip to explore the storytelling of Chinese arts and tragedy at Haw Par Villa. Originially built up and managed by a family, this place enjoys much exposure by local people. On top of it, it is totally free for everyone and easily accessible by the Circle Line. Just alight at Haw Par Villa MRT station and turn right.

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The Chinese and Japenese Gardens at Jurong East

things to do

chinese and japanese gardens

Located at Jurong East, this park enjoys great popularity amongst the local people. The Chinese and Japanese Gardens invite people to stroll along the sea and to enjoy the ambience and it’s worth to explore if you want to avoid overly crowded places. You will hardly find any tourists as Jurong East is apart from the more mainstream sites. From Core Downtown, you can take the West East Line to Tuas Link and alight at Chinese Gardens MRT station.

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