Our Story


At Kimify, we believe in creating communities and offering values to the people we seek to reach. It’s about excellence and putting our community first.


Kiimify was founded in the early 2018, starting with the idea to provide valuable content for people who share and cherish the same passion for and all about the world of travelling. The name Kimify has its origins from the Japanese word Kimi Wa which means You. The name says it all: focussing what’s important for the people who we want to reach and communicate each and every day.


It all began with a hobby and a fascinating passion about the power of travelling. The ability to expand one’s horizons. The fact that it can touches so many areas in life as a valuable teacher.

Kimify’s mantra is about putting people first. We don’t follow our own self-interest but the interest of the community we want to create and be part of. Putting people first means…

  • aiming excellence in the quality of what we are doing. We love walking the extra mile for you.
  • providing the value that will enrich you and your community.
  • connecting other people with the same passion as you have.

We are not driven by money or our ego. We are driven by a passion to educate people, shifting their focus on the issues that really matter to them. We are not a wannabe corporation, but a growing community of people that enables its members to build a network of people with the same passion as we have.

Mark Lubkoll

Mark regards himself as a world citizen, contributor and community builder since he turned 16. “Making a positive difference for the community has always been my passion, my drive. It’s all about showing a different perspective to issues that concern a large number of people”, Mark says.

Currently based in Cologne, Germany, he studied International Management for Business and Information Technology in Germany, Australia and also worked in Singapore in a global marketing division for an IT service corporation. He also brings a multicultural background, born into a family with European and Thai heritage. “Growing up in a family with two different cultural norms and traditions have always enriched my perspective on this world”, he adds. Mark is specialised in various areas, such as digital, event, content and inbound marketing as well as issues related to information management and public policy.

Team Kimify

Team Kimify comprises of experienced voluntary practitioners with diverse backgrounds, including photography, digital and influencer marketing, analytics, web programming and community organising. The team also brings a multinational composition from all walks of life. It also believes in working with all people from different generations to tap their creative perspectives. We not only work hard, or play hard, but more importantly, we approach things smart.

Mark Lubkoll believes that building stronger relationships with our community through the world of travelling will enrich anyone’s life.